It’s no secret that the world of business is a competitive one, and thanks to the rise of globalization, increasing rates of access to higher education, and the rapid changes being brought on by new technologies, this is only becoming truer.

Course Overview

There are no entry requirements for this course, although the course is aimed at students who are at least 16 years old, and who have an interest in personal development.

Course Fees

The total cost of the course is £ 399
Students can make payment using one of the following methods:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Interest Free Monthly installments
  • Paypal
  • Western Union

The Course Fee includes

  • All course material
  • Dedicated student support
  • Access to an online social learning forum
  • Certificate of completion following completion of an end-of-course test
  • Guidance for designing/writing CV, upon completion of the course
Unit Summary

This course is made up of 10 units, which cover a range of subject areas. Please see below for more information:

  • Developing positive self-concept/self-worth/self-belief/self-confidence
  • Taking control of your life
  • Creating a clear vision
  • Developing creativity
  • Programming your mind for success
  • Maximizing your strengths/minimizing your weaknesses
  • Personal power
  • Unlocking your mental strengths
  • Relationships
  • Health and body management