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English Courses

General English – Course Details

Key Information:
1. Levels : Beginners, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate
2. Hours per Week : 15 to 21 hours per week, mornings and afternoons
3. Start Days : Enrolments every month
4. Awarding Body and Visa Sponsor: British Institute of Resource Development (BIRD) in partnership with College Of Birmingham
5. No of Students per class : 15-20 Learners
6. Course Length : 12-15 Weeks (Flexible) per each level
7. Teaching Faculty : CELTA / DELTA Certified Staff only
8. Entry Requirements : Minimum 18 years; no other specific requirements

Course Objectives:
• To give students the confidence to live and work in an English-speaking world
• To enable students to identify various English texts, write in range of genres, to discuss materials and present ideas/opinions
• To make them familiar with the range of everyday conversations

The General English Course is a specialized English language program for International students who are preparing themselves for a lifetime experience – either to work, to study or to live in the United Kingdom.

Program Delivery: 

Our friendly and experienced teachers are dedicated to providing students with a very supportive and motivating learning environment to unlock their learning potential. Our General English Course is effectively delivered through:
• Our preferred small class size
• Task-based activities for pair work and group work
• Communicative Language Teaching methodology
• Supplements of web-based learning materials
• Flexible teaching approach to meet the learning pace of the students
• Dynamic and interesting interactive classroom activities
• 21 contact hours a week, inclusive of face-to-face classroom interactions and guided learning or excursions

Course Contents:
Our General English program is especially designed to help students to:
o develop and upgrade their four macro-skills in English language; speaking, listening, reading and writing
o lay a solid foundation for grammar, structures, vocabulary, and language problem-solving skills
o achieve social success in the UK everyday lifestyle context

Course Features: 

• Course-book based modular courses
• Regular progress tests
• End of course certificates
• Personalized reports

Course Duration:
4 Months per level

Course Fees: Free for British Nationals


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